Can I just say this group and movement is such a blessing to be a part of. I ran into a cps situation and who was there at a drop of a hat? Denise and Laira. I’m not going to go into too much detail, it has nothing to do with vaccines. My husband and I are dealing with his ex who is putting us through a court battle out of jealousy. We bought a farm home about 8 months ago, unfortunately instead of having an ex who was happy for him and happy to have a “baby daddy” who could provide a beautiful home for their daughter, she has acted out of jealousy and been trying to make our lives hell. So with all that being said when cps showed Knew immediately who called (because last week she threatened him). The way I handled CPS yesterday is a direct result of what I learned from these ladies and I’m so thankful. I am so proud of myself and my husband was proud of me. A year ago, when dealing with cps I was submissive, scared, my thought process was just let them in, answer their questions and they will leave. Thank god that was the case and the case was unfounded and closed but that may not always be the case and I won’t give them the opportunity again when we have done nothing wrong. So when they showed up yesterday I stood my ground, showed them where my property line was then told them they could not come into my home without a warrant and that I wouldn’t speak with… they left and came back with police with NO WARRANT. I’m guessing this is an intimidation tactic. My husband dealt with this part calmly, told Officer again that we would not cooperate without a warrant. The police officers and social workers like to use manipulative words such as “suspicious”. The officer tried to tell my husband don’t you think its suspicious that you won’t let us see or talk to the kids, I answered right away saying no it’s not suspicious it just shows we know our civil rights. And because we have done nothing wrong our kids don’t need to be bothered. The problem is, these social workers and the police think that it’s no big deal for them to come in question you. They say we just want to talk to you, we just want to see the kids and make sure the house looks good. Trying to make you feel guilty like why are you denying them it’s not a big deal. But it is a big deal, coming to my home and questioning me and my children and looking through my home that’s a big deal. That’s a bothersome when u have done nothing wrong. We have such a broken CPS system that I can’t help the kids that need it and harass the children and parents that don’t need it. Anyone can call CPS on you for any reason and they come, it seems like such an inefficient system. So when I called Denise and Laira after, my heart was humbled when Denise was quick to tell me if they come back and bother you, I will have a team in Banning, ca to come help you. Wow…I felt so empowered and I’m so thankful to be a part of a movement where I can feel I have a group of people that have my back. Even after all the recent crap Denise has gone through helping people. And the Laira texted me last night just to make sure I was okay. God bless these two women! It reminded me that although there are a lot of judgmental people in this movement, there are still some with the kindest of hearts and that’s why those are the people that are leading this movement. So we need to continue to ban together and help each other out because what we are doing here is powerful. From a year ago, I have grown so much thanks to Denise and Laira. Although, a crappy situation I have been able to see the positives and I’m happy I have the knowledge to protect my family and that I’m a part of this group. Have a great weekend everyone.