David Stephan – Medical Kidnapping

We are living in a state of emergency as medical kidnapping, medical harm and even death are occurring at the hands of our “trusted” medical, pharmaceutical, and political industries.

Jeromie and Jennifer Clark, parents of their 14 month old son John Wyatt Clark have endured what no parent should, and have lost their son. The “official” cause of death that was determined over 9 months after his passing was “overwhelming Staphococcus infection, complicated by malnutrition.” There was no scientific evidence to substantiate these claims, but rather his actual cause of death was an overly aggressive saline resuscitation that was imposed by the medical institute. Jeromie & Jennifer are about to receive a prison sentencing for “crimes” never committed.

David Stephan has been covering their story as his own child was also a victim of similar circumstances at the exact same location. Here, we discuss these circumstances as this story needs to spread like wildfire! This is a tragedy that CANNOT slip through the cracks.

Many of us agree that this is what the medical industry is doing in attempt to mandate vaccinations, as these parents did not vaccinate. This is an angle.



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