Lets Get Wild

*Note: This was originally a Facebook *LIVE* that received about 6.5K views in 3 days. Our followers on different platforms asked us to bring these videos to YouTube, so please note that after a few minor technical difficulties, the interview begins at 1:30secs.
Dr. Dale Brown “The Wild Doc” is a phenomenal chiropractor, with a wealth of knowledge based out of Clarksville, TN. In this dialogue, The Wild Doc joins Denise & Laira to discuss topics such as:

🔸His journey into Chiropractic and true health,
🔸How he discovered the truth, lies and corruption in world of pharmaceuticals and mainstream “healthcare,”
🔸The dangers of vaccinations, and the role of abortions in vaccines,
🔸His approaches to conversations regarding these particular “touchy” topics,
🔸The fear and risks of speaking out that many chiropractors (and others) have,
🔸Environmental health dangers,
🔸How we can assist the process in Earth healing itself from the glyphosate abuse of Big Agro
🔸And much more!!

This amazing doctor is blessed with tons of unique knowledge to heal the self and our environment! Please CHECK HIM OUT via:

Instagram: thewilddoc


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